Who I am

My name is Erica Mauri, I was born in Milan province on 07/27/1991. At the age of 6 my family moved to a little village in Monferrato, to allow me and my sisters, Chiara and Marta, to live in contact with nature and to benefit from a breathtaking landscape.

I Studied at the "Benedetto Alfieri" Art High School in Asti because the passion for drawing, modeling and designing was already a very important component in my life. It is with the attendance at DAMS in Turin that the desire to create something unique and personal grows.

A further stimulus occurs when I had a London experience; here, in step with a dynamic, multicultural and free city, I find myself creating, exhibiting and selling my works. Today I continue on my artistic journey, having found in my husband Alessandro, our dogs Karma and Artù and the city of Genoa where we live, a new dimension that is not limited to the creation of a painting, but which evolves in the production of furniture and clothing with my fantasies.