Welcome everyone!!!

In this site I will show you my world based on fantasy, on the study of materials and colors.

I am a DESIGNER, I compose abstract paintings with recycled materials and with the graphics of each painting I achieve fabrics that I use both for clothing and for furnishing accessories.

My works are MADE IN ITALY and respond to an ethical and sustainable code.


Behind every project of mine, there is a study. I love to express a message in my works, leaving the viewer free to interpret the picture based on their feelings and emotions. The work of art is my first step, my artistic journey continues with a subsequent creation linked to the fantasy of the painting. By reworking the patterns on the computer I propose my fantasies for both CLOTHING and FURNITURE sectors, so that everyone can wear or furnish their home with a WORK OF ART.

This passion of being careful about recycling was passed on to me by my grandmother, seamstress by profession, who gave me all the scraps of fabric she no longer used. So, in 2012 I startet composing my first works.